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Dental Employee Training

Did you know that The Ministry of Labour had conducted a province-wide infection and prevention control blitz in October and November 2012? They require dental offices to have “infection prevention and control practices in place to protect their workers.” (This message comes straight from the Ontario Dental Association).

Sense Jobs is offering to train your office in regards to Health and Safety seminars.

We are also offering to implement a health and safety binder within your office, a binder that features extensive research on infection control protocols .

Have you hired a new graduate or an employee with minimal experience? This is no reason to fret. We will come into the office to train that employee for you. Learn More  » 


Dental job consultant


Many employers and dental office managers seem to have difficulty managing their employees from time to time.

Some of the questions that arise are: How do we motivate our employees? Will they make my business grow in the next five years? Are they up to date with their education? Are they performing to my standards? How do they make my practice more eco friendly?

If you had answered yes to any of these questions then Sense Jobs has the solution for you.

We have a professional Dental Hygienist/Assistant (as well as a business manager) who are willing to come in and meet with the Dentist and Office manager and customize solution to your office needs.

Here at Sense Jobs we pride ourselves on being able to mediate between management and employees. Learn More  » 

Professional Resume Writing

Have you recently graduated and are looking for help to spruce up your Resume?

Do you need your resume to be looked at by a professional, and be given some advice on how to make it better?

Have you been working for a while and need help to optimize your resume to look for a new job?

Contact us and we can help you develop a professional looking resume for a minimum fee. Learn More  » 


Dental Uniforms


Patients need to have the ultimate trust in your dental practice. Your dental work uniform is an integral part of the first impression that creates that trust. SENSE Jobs helps your dental practice convey its inherent quality to customers. Learn More  » 

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