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Ever wonder what makes a clinic personal succeed? So did we. That’s why over 5 years ago we set out to determine what set the successful dental clinics personal apart from the unsuccessful ones . After studying thousands upon thousands of job seekers and dental professionals, we discovered that the best dental employees were located across 19 key areas.

All of our ratings are 100% accurate and are based on the 19 key areas that were given to us by the current (or previous) employer of the candidate.

SENSE Jobs is the only job rating site on the web that creates compatible Dental professional based on these 19 Dimensions, which are scientifically proven to predict successful employment. To help you better understand these dimensions, we've grouped them into what we call Core Traits and Vital Attributes.

Core Traits are defining aspects of who you are that remain largely unchanged throughout your dental career life. Vital Attributes are based on learning experiences, and are more likely to change based on decisions you make as a dental professional.


Job Seeker Rating


A lot of job seekers and/or employees will wonder why SENSE Jobs offers a job rating system. The answer is very simple; it allows the dentists to see a dental professional’s performance within Sense, especially those professionals who choose to t emp. Also, it will allow future part time and full time employees to be rated by the dentists if they ever need to temp. The higher your rating the better chances the clinic will choose you for the job. . The ratings will appear on your profile, but it will be marked as confidential as to who place the rating and the comments. Learn More  » 

Dentist Rating

Dentist ratings are determined by employees who have temped in your office or by new staff that was hired through SENSE Jobs. This will give Dental Professionals, the staff at SENSE Jobs and other Dental Clinics an opportunity to view how much each specific Dentist and Dental clinic are dependent on their employees for ratings. Please keep in mind that all the ratings will be shown to everyone except those who made the ratings. Learn More  » 


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